Gardening and Landscaping Services

Garden Design

Gardens are being viewed more and more as an additional room for the home – the fifth room. People create a whole new living room outside with beautiful seating areas, places to eat and cook – with pizza ovens , as well as barbecues, becoming increasingly popular. Add to that the increasing extravagance of play equipment for families. There’s a lot to consider if you’re planning a new look garden, whether you’re living alone, a couple, young or old, or a family. And that’s just for the style you want.

Add to that, the considerations that need to be made for your garden depending on soil type, elevation, budget and size, there’s no end to what needs to be worked into a garden design. Let us do that thinking for you.

Our specialist garden designer will work with you to create an outdoor space that meets your needs both aesthetically and financially. Whether it’s simply for natural beauty and relaxation, for lounging or outside dining, or a playing area for young children, we can design a garden to suit you.

Garden Design Services Hythe kent
Garden Landscaping

Garden Landscaping

Once you have your beautiful plans in place, Gillard’s Garden Services will bring that design to life. Our fully trained gardeners, pavers and fencers will build your garden to the highest standards, taking care to keep the work space as tidy as possible within the remits of garden landscaping.

If you don’t need a full redesign our gardeners are just as equipped to give your current garden a new lease of life with new plants and shrubs. They will use their specialist expertise to choose the right plants, trees and shrubs for the position of your garden, taking into account your preferences for colour and style.

Garden Maintenance

Keep your garden neat and tidy all year round. Gillard’s Garden Services offer the full spectrum of garden maintenance services:

Feeding, weeding, garden clearance and mowing lawns

Trimming hedges and borders (recommended at least twice a year)

New topsoil for flower beds - Hythe and its surrounding area has clay heavy soil, which isn't always easy to garden with. We can dig out the heavy clay from your beds and add new, lighter, richer topsoil, perfect for gardening.

Pressure cleaning patios and paving to remove unsightly moss and dirt and help prevent it becoming slippery.

Removal of ivy from walls – left unchecked, this can compromise the structure of your buildings.

Cutting back shrubs, moving plants to different parts of your garden, planting new fauna.

Garden Maintenance for Hythe Kent

If you are looking for general garden maintenance work or a full design and landscape service please contact us now on 07940 562223 for a free no obligation quote